Since the day I brought Kona home, she has been near paralyzed with fear of strangers and new sounds and things. Tierney did an amazing job earning Kona's trust and helping her become more confident. Thank you for helping give Kona a better quality of life!

I have a year and a half old doberman.  We went through ecollar training and were not provided with the proper tools to help him succeed. Then we found Unleash the Beast and we couldn't be happier!  My dog was highly reactive to dogs, and people, and I felt hopeless until I met Tierney.  Shady went for the two week board and train but was kept for four (free of charge!) because of his doggy issues.  He came back to me a changed dog!  It is like Tierney reset his brain.  He spent his time at their new training facility in Winters, which I like to refer to as doggy boot camp.  She was great about sending updates and letting me know the different training methods she was using.  I was able to have lessons with him during his stay and followup lessons to train me and my husband after.  I couldn't be more thankful for Unleash the Beast!  I now have the dog that I knew he could be.  You will not regret sending your dog here.  I wish I would have found Tierney sooner!

Unleash the Beast is OUTSTANDING! If you need some extra help to get your dog to transform in ways you can't seem to do on your own, please don't hesitate to contact the team at Unleash the Beast. Our two year old Sheepdog would jump up to greet, would tug endlessly on his leash during walks, and was so overly friendly that we couldn't have him socialize with guests to our home, and we'd put him outside. Then, the dog went on a 2 week retreat with Unleash the Beast and came back home as sweet as ever, but was shockingly well-mannered and responsive to commands. I was then taught how to foster his learning and to continue his growth. The dog's training was catered to our wants and needs, and to our comfort level, too. The trainers' know-how and techniques are top notch... and they are lovely people, too! No complaints, only raves!

I can't even begin to explain how amazing Tierney is.  My little monster (that's exactly what she is - a monster) desperately needed training, more than the group training we had attended before.  I was going on a 3 week trip out of the country and didn't have anyone at home to watch her.  After scouring the internet, I came across Unleash the Beast and decided to contact Tierney.  Not only was she super prompt with her response, she offered a wonderful deal.  Now... this dog is the love of my life, so was I really entrusting her with a stranger (nice or not, I was still worried).  Tierney continuously reassured me that my pup would be fine, even offering to come to meet her (and me) before our trip.  Upon meeting her, she was even more fantastic!  I decided to make the jump and leave my little baby with her and it was the BEST DECISION I COULD HAVE MADE.  She got to spend time with Tierney, get training, spend time with other dogs.  She came back with so many new skills and I couldn't have been prouder.  Tierney sent me pictures DAILY of my pup, knowing how crazy in love with her I am.  My husband came back earlier than I, so Tierney dropped our pup off with him, explaining the new training to him.  Instead of leaving it at that, she went the EXTRA MILE and came BACK when I got back home and trained me too!  She continues to amaze me.  She explains not only the how, but the why.  She is highly educated and is willing to share that with dog owners.  I highly recommend her!!

I signed up for the three week training retreat and the difference between my dog before training and after was astounding. He went from lunging, pulling on the leash, and aggressive, to calm and obedient. This is a no-nonsense company. They train you and your dog how to be successful and encourage you to be the best owner you can be. My dog has made an amazing transformation... I strongly suggest their board and training program!

Dutch is home! What a changed dog! And even though we (the humans)have lots of work to do...to not grow soft in practicing what things he and we have learned but also where we can go with all of this in his future. Thank you Tierney and Unleash the Beast training for giving us a back our sweet boy, who so much less stressed because now he knows what is expected of him and helping us to all be on the same page as far as training is concern...so we all give the same commands, blessing us with a place and people we can always turn to when we have questions about our Dutch.

Awesome training! Loved every minute of working with them! Definitely worth it to have such a well trained dog.